Justia Lawyer Rating for Robert Philip Croissant


When it comes to anything legal this is the right man for the job.

David Mendoza

Bob is phenomenal. If you are dealing with charges Bob is the right attorney to help you resolve your problems. He is discreet, incredibly experienced and knows how to get the job done. He makes big problems little ones. I've seen it first hand.

Sean Beltran

I send my criminal cases to Bob. He gets great results and knows system. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer.

Paul Campbell

This is the guy for criminal defence. He knows the district attorneys and he know the system. I send him all my drunk driving referrals and he gets it done. Tell him I sent you.

Stephen Hogie

Very knowledgeable and helpful! I have referred him to family and friends, top notch man who gets the job done. Highly recommended!

Tonalli Martinez

I am so pleased! Got a second time DUI set aside! Thanks a million Robert. I will be happy to refer you.

Rich C.

Best Attorney in the business. The most polished attorney I have ever seen in action, hire him only if you want the best results. I have retained Mr Croissant twice over the past 8 years to handle a DUI case and another criminal matter, and have in turn referred several of my colleagues to him as well. Without exception, every case has been handled with the highest level of competency and professionalism. Mr Croissant is a perfect role model for an attorney: He is very prompt, always very prepared for every meeting or hearing and extremely persuasive in his dealings in court or behind the scenes . Within minutes of your first meeting with Mr. Croissant, you will almost instantly sense his vast level of experience and legal expertise. This was very comforting as a client, you just know and feel that you are in very capable hands. Bob's hourly rate is more than fair, and he does not milk the clock like most other attorneys regularly do. In every single case he has handled for me, including the cases for the folks I have referred to him have all been handled with class, integrity, and professionalism. The results have all been much better than ever expected, in fact in 1 case- Bob somehow 'turned water into wine' somehow with his mastery negotiation skills with the other side. If your looking for a very polished, and well respected lawyer for any legal problem, you are doing yourself a dis-service by not at least talking to this gentleman about it (I think the first consult was free). I work with a lot of attorneys at my job, and have hired a couple of other attorneys over the years (Divorce, Child support modifications..which he doesn't handle) and I rate Mr Croissant as the best overall lawyer I have ever seen in action...and he would be the first person I would call should I, or anyone else I know need representation of any kind. You will thank me when its all over, believe me.


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