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Our experience, know-how, personal hands-on touch and skill will get the results you need! We will keep you posted on developments in your case and any questions you may have are promptly answered. When you are faced with DUI and other criminal charges you must hire an experienced, smart and aggressive Orange County criminal defense lawyer that you can completely trust and should have the utmost confidence in with respect to the attorney’s skill and ability to defend you in court in Southern California. Robert P. Croissant has been a private licensed California criminal defense attorney for over 35 years. During his career practicing criminal defense, Attorney Croissant has won many criminal cases and has sharpened his courtroom skills and winning tactics that are absolutely essential to successfully defending people charged with serious crimes.

Attorney Croissant is also a compassionate legal advocate who has successfully represented people from all walks of life. As a California criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Croissant is a serious student of the law. Attorney Croissant knows that ongoing legal education is important to his profession and to his client’s cases. He keeps abreast of the law and changes to the criminal laws. The Law Office of Robert P. Croissant is located at 13522 Newport Avenue, Suite 201, Tustin, California, 92780. He has represented clients throughout Southern California.

If you are searching for a confident and trustworthy Orange County criminal defense attorney who is smart, tough, dedicated, experienced and a relentless advocate for all his clients, contact the Law Office of Robert P. Croissant now. Attorney Croissant will be happy to take the time to listen and speak with you about the facts of your case and explain what he can do to help today. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you, so call him now at (714) 730-2085.


DUIs are serious charges not to be taken lightly. They can lead to serious consequences against one’s record, possible driver’s license suspensions, revocations, being on probation and in some cases, the possibility of jail time. We are well aware of the substantive and technical defenses to these charges, which with the help of our criminalist can assist in achieving the best results possible for our clients. These results can include reduction and/or dismissal of charges, as well as substantial mitigation of the most serious consequences, including avoiding actual time in jail. In order to establish probable cause Police Officers can rely on field sobriety tests; however, such tests are not completely reliable and a knowledgeable attorney can expose errors where applicable in a way that the tests were performed and interpreted. In addition, chemical tests, like breath, blood, or urine are not always error-proof. Blood testing advices will give erroneous results due to improper calibration and maintenance. Certainly we thoroughly review all evidence of the prosecution and make every effort to expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, as well as the testing procedure, which can frequently lead to reduced consequences to the client.

Don’t face a DUI charge alone. We are highly experienced and can skillfully aid you in resolving your charges as favorably as possible to your satisfaction.

Our results include the following:

  • For Felony DUI cases, with great bodily injury the results include the dismissal of felonies and charges reduced to misdemeanor with no actual jail time.
  • For a third DUI offense we obtained no actual jail time at all.
  • For a second time DUI in five years we got the charges reduced to a wet reckless with the DUI charges dismissed. No license suspension and home confinement only.
  • Third time DUI District Attorney wanted 300 days in jail but we obtained a reduction of 40% jail time.
  • Second DUI within one month of the first, no actual jail time with a rehab program.

Criminal Law

It is critically important that people charged, rightly or wrongly with criminal matters consult a highly experienced, skilled attorney to protect their constitutional rights, including their presumption of innocence and the right not to incriminate one’s self to the authorities. It is highly important to remember that criminal proceedings are adversarial in nature. The other side primarily there to build a case against the prospective defendant and has no hesitation in attempting to get the prospective defendant to incriminate one’s self to the authorities. This applies whether the client feels he or she may be guilty. When a client is faced with criminal charges in Orange County, they need an attorney who will tenaciously represent him to the fullest extent possible in obtaining dismissals and/or reduction of charges and consequences. We have won numerous cases with our years of experience and well-honed courtroom skills and the tactics necessary to obtain the best results for our clients.

  • Prospective defendants do not need to help the prosecution build a case against them! Thus, it is critical to consult an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to defend one’s constitutional rights and act as a buffer between the accused and the adversarial authority. Do not help the prosecution make a case against you!
  • Sample results in criminal matters include felony assault with deadly weapon, with a strike allegation resolved for a misdemeanor with dismissal of the felony and strike allegation.
  • Embezzlement and false ID charges dismissed on completion of appropriate program.
  • Two felony sexual assault charges dismissed with a plea to misdemeanors with no actual jail time.
  • We were able to intervene in a timely fashion on alleged domestic violence charges and avoid the filing of charges against the defendant.
  • We were able to intervene in a timely fashion in alleged hit-and-run charges and avoid the filing of any charges against the defendant.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile court proceedings are a critically important area of our practice. This is an excellent opportunity to nip present and possible future problems in the bud. We have long term quality and successful experience in Juvenile Court and can expertly guide clients through the Juvenile Court process. It is critical that a skillful and experienced attorney be consulted for Juvenile Court matters to provide the assistance needed to successfully resolve Juvenile Court proceedings. Our Juvenile Court results include many reductions and dismissals of the primary charges with avoidance of time in custody in Juvenile Hall.

Traffic & Motor Vehicle Offenses

Traffic and motor vehicle and DMV matters are not to be taken lightly. If not properly and skillfully handled the chances are more likely to involved adverse consequences against one’s driver’s license and cost of insurance. Multiple convictions and more serious offenses against one’s record can result in negligent operator hearings by the Department of Motor Vehicles where the DMV will pursue possible suspensions of driving privileges.

  • We can use our experience and skill to favorably resolve a great percentage of traffic charges.
  • Our results include many dismissals and avoidance of points against our client’s multiple records. This is critical, particularly where there may be prior charges and points against the client’s record, even if they were sustained in other states.

In Conclusion

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Orange County, The Law Office of Robert P. Croissant has a proven record and success in handling our client’s legal problems and charges against our client. We offer excellent experience and excellent results in handling our client’s cases and do so for reasonable fees. Call today at (714) 730-2085 for your free initial consultation. We’re available 24/7!


When it comes to anything legal this is the right man for the job.

David Mendoza

I am so pleased! Got a second time DUI set aside! Thanks a million Robert. I will be happy to refer you.

Rich C.

Best Attorney in the business. The most polished attorney I have ever seen in action, hire him only if you want the best results. I have retained Mr Croissant twice over the past 8 years to handle a DUI case and another criminal matter, and have in turn referred several of my colleagues to him as...


Bob is phenomenal. If you are dealing with charges Bob is the right attorney to help you resolve your problems. He is discreet, incredibly experienced and knows how to get the job done. He makes big problems little ones. I've seen it first hand.

Sean Beltran

I send my criminal cases to Bob. He gets great results and knows system. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer.

Paul Campbell

This is the guy for criminal defence. He knows the district attorneys and he know the system. I send him all my drunk driving referrals and he gets it done. Tell him I sent you.

Stephen Hogie

Very knowledgeable and helpful! I have referred him to family and friends, top notch man who gets the job done. Highly recommended!

Tonalli Martinez

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