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Case Results

  1. Felony DUI with great bodily injury allegation. We were able to intercede at an early stage and protect our client’s privilege against self-incrimination and proactively act in our client’s interest. The case was closed with no charges of any kind being filed against our client.
  2. Misdemeanor DUI. We were able to nip the case in the bud by being proactive and protect our client’s rights. No DUI charge was pursued or filed by the prosecution.
  3. Two elder abuse charges where the prosecuter wanted 90 days in jail was dismissed for a simple non-probation offense with a fine only and no jail time.
  4. Indecent exposure charge dismissed for simple non registerable offense – no jail time.
  5. Second time DUI in 5 years reduced to a wet reckless with DUI charges dismissed. No license suspension and home confinement only.
  6. Felony assault with a deadly weapon with a strike allegation resolved for a misdemeanor with dismissal of the felony and strike allegation.
  7. Third time DUI. District Attorney wanted 300 days in jail but we obtained a reduction of 40 percent of jail time to be served in home confinement.
  8. Second time DUI within one month of first. No actual jail time with rehab program.
  9. Imbezzelment and false ID charges dismissed on completion of appropriate program.
  10. Two felony sexual assault charges dismissed with a plea to misdemeanors with no actual jail time.
  11. DUI and hit and run. We were able to intervene on behalf of the client and avoid any charges being filed against him by asserting his privilege against self-incrimination.
  12. A second time DUI within 5 years we were able to negotiate the District Attorney’s demand for 90 days in jail down to 45 days home confinement – no jail time.
  13. A felony DUI accident with injuries we negotiated the disposition down from a state prison demand by the District Attorney to 90 days local work release. Client was able to continue working and keep his business going.
  14. Obtained complete dismissals of two separate felony cases with multiple charges against my clients. The DA’s office was cooperative in listening to our explanation of exonerating circumstances then agreeing with our position that the cases should be entirely dismissed.
  15. On a third time DUI we were able to avoid any jail time, with rehabilitation and obtaining the Court’s consent to several months of an alcohol monitoring device. With completion of the alcohol monitoring device requirement, there would be no jail time served.
  16. We obtained the dismissal of several serious felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats. Instead, the plea was to three relatively minor misdemeanor offenses with the felonies being dismissed outright and the misdemeanors to be dismissed after one year of successful probation.
  17. Second time DUI and fourth lifetime DUI we obtained no jail time; instead we obtained 10 community labor days for our client.


When it comes to anything legal this is the right man for the job.

David Mendoza

I am so pleased! Got a second time DUI set aside! Thanks a million Robert. I will be happy to refer you.

Rich C.

Best Attorney in the business. The most polished attorney I have ever seen in action, hire him only if you want the best results. I have retained Mr Croissant twice over the past 8 years to handle a DUI case and another criminal matter, and have in turn referred several of my colleagues to him as...


Bob is phenomenal. If you are dealing with charges Bob is the right attorney to help you resolve your problems. He is discreet, incredibly experienced and knows how to get the job done. He makes big problems little ones. I've seen it first hand.

Sean Beltran

I send my criminal cases to Bob. He gets great results and knows system. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer.

Paul Campbell

This is the guy for criminal defence. He knows the district attorneys and he know the system. I send him all my drunk driving referrals and he gets it done. Tell him I sent you.

Stephen Hogie

Very knowledgeable and helpful! I have referred him to family and friends, top notch man who gets the job done. Highly recommended!

Tonalli Martinez

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