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DUI and Traffic Law

Don't face a DUI or traffic violation alone. The experienced attorneys at Law Offices of Robert P. Croissant are here to represent you and help in every way possible. Our legal team can give you excellent results including dismissals, no jail time, reduction of charges and ultimately dismissal of charges. In many cases, you won't even have to appear in court.


For felony DUI cases with great bodily injury, the results include the dismissal of felonies and charges reduced to misdemeanor with no actual jail time. For a third DUI offense, we obtained no actual jail time at all.


If you are charged with a traffic violation, we will work tirelessly to obtain dismissals and avoidance of license suspensions and points. For speeding charges of over 100 miles per hour, we are confident we can have those reduced and dismissed. In addition, driving on suspended license and a failure to appear may also be dismissed.

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  • Second time DUI in 5 years reduced to a wet reckless with DUI charges dismissed.  No license suspension and home confinement only.

  • Felony assault with a deadly weapon with a strike allegation resolved for a misdemeanor with dismissal of the felony and strike allegation.

  • Third time DUI.  District Attorney wanted 300 days in jail but we obtained a reduction of 40 percent of jail time to be served in home confinement.

  • Second time DUI within one month of first. No actual jail time with rehab program.

  • Imbezzelment and false ID charges dismissed on completion of appropriate program.

  • 2 felony sexual assault charges dismissed with a plea to misdemeanors with no actual jail time.